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Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Perfect Little Blue Dress

Tea Dress £48 Warehouse
Open Back Dress £39 Rare @ Topshop
Blue Wrap Dress £35 River Island

Any thoughts on which one I should go for?  I love them all!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fourth Date Nails

Eek!  I have a dark purple dress (it's not quite hallowe'en so I am saving the full on gothic garb) for tonight and none of my nail colours go very well.  I am so over statement nails, really what would I be trying to say other than I have too much time to spend on my nails?  I have just gone for a neutral in Madagascar Vanilla by Dior.  Pale pink and glittery.  Not quite the vampy look I was going for but I will jazz it up with some amethyst rings.  I think I will leave the Marmite at home though, he might think it's odd and it's too early for him to see my quirky side I feel.  Ooh, marmite-coloured nail polish would be fab... searching...

Friday, 28 October 2011

REVIEW: Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Foundation

I am a self-confessed Dior Cosmetics addict, I adore them.  I have a privilege card and will use it with force to get samples.  However, this month I was short of time, had  hot date at short notice and couldn't get to a stockist when it ran out on me.  I swear by the Diorskin foundation and I needed to find a substitute fast.  I managed to get to a store that sold Collection 2000 and surprisingly matched up my skintone with one of their Perfect Finish range.  I already am a big advocate of their nail colours (which last and last and last...) but my cosmetic snobbery meant up until now I looked over their foundations. It's SPF 20 and oil-free so I thought it would do as an emergency cover-up until I could get to my beloved Dior counter that weekend.  Oh my word, I have been converted!  At £4.99 this was an absolute gem of a find!  It covers evenly, it matches my skin, it doesn't give me breakouts and it lasts all day.  It doesn't cake, dry-out or sit in creases, I am actually in love.  It saved me £20 too, which  I have since spent on shoes but that's besides the point.  My darling Dior, you have a rival in the cupboard.

The Weekly Want 28/10/11

Hat £25 Miss Selfridge
Jacket £145 Biba
Mesh overlay leggings £880 Maison Martin Margiela @ Net-a-porter
Cat and tree print silk blouse £285 See by Chloe @ Net-a-porter
Lotus Clutch £45 Accessorize
Boots £160 French Connection
Necklace £6 Accessorize

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Spotted: Faux Pas

Stickers on the bottoms of shoes.  No excuse.  Ever.  Take them off, it's just an advertisement for nasty.  If they don't come off in a hurry colour them in with a black marker until you have time to.  Handy hint:  facial wipes get the glue off no probs.  Yes, pedants like me do notice!

The Studded Box Clutch

Bottega Veneta Studded Box Clutch £1125 Net-a-porter


Black Studded Box Clutch £30 River Island

REVIEW: Maybelline The Smoother

I had a sample of Maybelline skin retexturising primer so I just tried it out.  I usually use either a luminescent base by Chanel or Body Shop Vitamin C so it was good to compare a product aimed at a different market.  The primer is non-scented and colour-free, which is great for dodgy skin like mine.  You do only need a tiny weeny bit as it goes a long way and does smooth on very easily.  After cleansing and moisturising as usual I applied the primer.  My skin did feel a lot smoother as the base got to work filling my cracks but you don't get the lovely tingly fresh feeling as you do with the Body Shop version.  My usual foundation went on over the top no problem but I didn't seem to be able to obtain my usual coverage.  Perhaps I put too much on still.  A few hours later my skin still felt soft, my make up hadn't slid into my cleavage or worked its way into ripples.  The jury is out with this one, I think I will be sticking to Chanel and Body Shop (dependent on what my skin is doing that day) purely because I like my marks well and truly covered without putting layers of concealer on as well.  If you have better skin than mine I am sure it will work a treat. 
Verdict: 3/5

Ebay is Eeeeeeevil

Just look at the time! I am such a loser - I've been sitting up waiting for an auction end because I don't trust snipe software. It's worth it, I just got a new sheer black Topshop top for 99p. Will post pics when it arrives. :-)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I Love This Top

I bought a new top in Topshop last weekend and I love it.  It's this one here in super soft rust-coloured leopard print with a triple velvet collar.  It just look great whether dressed up or down.  I think my snake v. leopard dilemma has been solved for me.  A bargain at £28, especially when I had a £10 gift voucher and student discount.  Also, my mother hates it so it must be good.

Snake or Leopard?

Big question.  Do you risk being on the wrong side of the mammalian/reptilian border this winter?  I'm just going through some potential designs for a dress I'm making that would look great with a touch of pretend skinned beast and I can't make up my mind.  Gucci, Cavalli and Chloe were all about the snake this year, Melissa Odabash opted for cheetah (Check out this maxi dress at net-a-porter), Jimmy Choo hedged his bets on both (see these beauties) and Louboutin brought us some amazing snake heels. Hmm, I need to investigate further.  Opinions anyone?

My Favourite Boots

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I have a problem.  I like shoes.  I mean I REALLY like shoes.  In fact I have a whole room for my collection and I have pairs that I never wear, I just occasionally get out, try on, stroke for a bit and then stash away.  I believe it stems from being forced to wear Startright shoes to school when everyone else had cool shoes.  (*note to self - mention this to counsellor.)  But we all have favourites don't we?  So this is my favourite pair of boots.  I got them in Red or Dead about 3 years ago and I still wear them every winter.  Aside from being comfy (I must be at that age) they are just as cute as, the fur trim in still on trend, the concealed platform and high heel allows me to look other people in the eye and the pom poms are a constant source of amusement for the cat.  I do believe it is just getting cold enough for them to be removed from their box for another year.  I can't see them still being current this time next year but that's ok because it means I get to buy a new pair.  Whoop!

The Olympians Wore Nothing

This is going to be a grouchy post, just to forewarn you.  I just had the new ASOS 'magazine' unceremoniously shoved through my letterbox.  Apparently, as the Olympics are next year we are all going to be wearing sportswear.  I beg to differ but I say NOT.  According to them it's cool to wear white trainers and fluro edged tops *cough cough*.  Apparently wearing it 90's style will give you an edgy look.  Now let's stop and think for a minute.  Way, way back.  It's the 1990's, a time of Louise Wener haircuts, bodyshop kiwi lipbalm and shiny shirts.  Who listened to the Spice Girls?  The little kids and the ones with less fashion sense than an Aye Aye at an Eighties night.  The Spice Girls - out of that small group, who was the favourite? Baby?  Ginger?  You can guarantee it wasn't Sporty.  Point proven.  Sportwear should remain in the gym and definitely not on the high street.  It's not coming back unless it's going to be worn by complete victims.  Track suits are not on track, ever.  At the original Olympics the contestants were all naked and oiled up, not that I can see that happening either but it's a nicer thought than baseball caps and shell suits.  Rant over.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thank God for the Return of Winter!

Aaaah, how pleased was I when I first saw the new collections for Winter?  About as pleased as a weasel in an unlocked pet shop.  Finally, after boring, bland tshirt fabric dresses, tacky fluro 80's colours and Ugh boots (Yes, Ugh.) that just won't go away the Midnight Angel collection from Topshop has just hit the nail on the head.  Black silk, burgundy fur, purple velvet, shiny leather... It's OK to want to wear fabrics that drape and make you want to snuggle in without looking like a middle-aged mother of 3 on a weekly shop.  Really, it is.  And it's sexy too.  Add in a splash of faux fur to take your outfit into 2012, but make sure it's good quality or you'll shed like your nan's dog.  And don't overdo it or you'll smack more of pimp than primp.  The festive season is about sparkle and excess after all, so go for micro-sequins and studded leather accessories.  Channel the 90s (Jarvis, Tori Amos, Courtney Love) rather than the 70s.  The disco has been taken over by Essex girls and it's not a pretty sight.  Leave the vajazzles and stilettoes to the orange ones and go for a chunkier heel that is more likely to keep you upright weeble-style than tip you over.  Platforms are still in the running and if you're a shortarse like me that's great news.  My shoe money this month is going on these Glee D heels by Dune.  Parties, pubs and shoe fetish = sorted.

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