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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Favourite Boots

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I have a problem.  I like shoes.  I mean I REALLY like shoes.  In fact I have a whole room for my collection and I have pairs that I never wear, I just occasionally get out, try on, stroke for a bit and then stash away.  I believe it stems from being forced to wear Startright shoes to school when everyone else had cool shoes.  (*note to self - mention this to counsellor.)  But we all have favourites don't we?  So this is my favourite pair of boots.  I got them in Red or Dead about 3 years ago and I still wear them every winter.  Aside from being comfy (I must be at that age) they are just as cute as, the fur trim in still on trend, the concealed platform and high heel allows me to look other people in the eye and the pom poms are a constant source of amusement for the cat.  I do believe it is just getting cold enough for them to be removed from their box for another year.  I can't see them still being current this time next year but that's ok because it means I get to buy a new pair.  Whoop!

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