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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Olympians Wore Nothing

This is going to be a grouchy post, just to forewarn you.  I just had the new ASOS 'magazine' unceremoniously shoved through my letterbox.  Apparently, as the Olympics are next year we are all going to be wearing sportswear.  I beg to differ but I say NOT.  According to them it's cool to wear white trainers and fluro edged tops *cough cough*.  Apparently wearing it 90's style will give you an edgy look.  Now let's stop and think for a minute.  Way, way back.  It's the 1990's, a time of Louise Wener haircuts, bodyshop kiwi lipbalm and shiny shirts.  Who listened to the Spice Girls?  The little kids and the ones with less fashion sense than an Aye Aye at an Eighties night.  The Spice Girls - out of that small group, who was the favourite? Baby?  Ginger?  You can guarantee it wasn't Sporty.  Point proven.  Sportwear should remain in the gym and definitely not on the high street.  It's not coming back unless it's going to be worn by complete victims.  Track suits are not on track, ever.  At the original Olympics the contestants were all naked and oiled up, not that I can see that happening either but it's a nicer thought than baseball caps and shell suits.  Rant over.

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