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Thursday, 27 October 2011

REVIEW: Maybelline The Smoother

I had a sample of Maybelline skin retexturising primer so I just tried it out.  I usually use either a luminescent base by Chanel or Body Shop Vitamin C so it was good to compare a product aimed at a different market.  The primer is non-scented and colour-free, which is great for dodgy skin like mine.  You do only need a tiny weeny bit as it goes a long way and does smooth on very easily.  After cleansing and moisturising as usual I applied the primer.  My skin did feel a lot smoother as the base got to work filling my cracks but you don't get the lovely tingly fresh feeling as you do with the Body Shop version.  My usual foundation went on over the top no problem but I didn't seem to be able to obtain my usual coverage.  Perhaps I put too much on still.  A few hours later my skin still felt soft, my make up hadn't slid into my cleavage or worked its way into ripples.  The jury is out with this one, I think I will be sticking to Chanel and Body Shop (dependent on what my skin is doing that day) purely because I like my marks well and truly covered without putting layers of concealer on as well.  If you have better skin than mine I am sure it will work a treat. 
Verdict: 3/5


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