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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thank God for the Return of Winter!

Aaaah, how pleased was I when I first saw the new collections for Winter?  About as pleased as a weasel in an unlocked pet shop.  Finally, after boring, bland tshirt fabric dresses, tacky fluro 80's colours and Ugh boots (Yes, Ugh.) that just won't go away the Midnight Angel collection from Topshop has just hit the nail on the head.  Black silk, burgundy fur, purple velvet, shiny leather... It's OK to want to wear fabrics that drape and make you want to snuggle in without looking like a middle-aged mother of 3 on a weekly shop.  Really, it is.  And it's sexy too.  Add in a splash of faux fur to take your outfit into 2012, but make sure it's good quality or you'll shed like your nan's dog.  And don't overdo it or you'll smack more of pimp than primp.  The festive season is about sparkle and excess after all, so go for micro-sequins and studded leather accessories.  Channel the 90s (Jarvis, Tori Amos, Courtney Love) rather than the 70s.  The disco has been taken over by Essex girls and it's not a pretty sight.  Leave the vajazzles and stilettoes to the orange ones and go for a chunkier heel that is more likely to keep you upright weeble-style than tip you over.  Platforms are still in the running and if you're a shortarse like me that's great news.  My shoe money this month is going on these Glee D heels by Dune.  Parties, pubs and shoe fetish = sorted.

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